Installation - AFI Glazing Contractors | Poughkeepsie, NY

Our qualified installers guarantee precision in the final step of your glass installation project. AFI’s highly qualified foremen maintain the flow of production in the field, overseeing the work on your jobsite while maintaining consistent, accurate communication with your Project Manager.


Our glass installers are OSHA certified and comply with all safety rules and regulations.


AFI’s own fleet of aerial lifts, specialty tools, power tools, and specialized machines and equipment will be tailored to fit the scope of your work.  With no need to rely on outside machine and tool rental, AFI controls the flow of work, allowing us to minimize wait time and maximize efficiency.


Our machines and equipment are professionally trained and serviced, with frequent maintenance guaranteeing a safe work environment.  Of course, our equipment is inspected annually meeting requirements of both OSHA and ANSI.


AFI’s in-house installation professionals offer impeccable craftsmanship, an outstanding finished product, and a long list of satisfied, happy clients.