George Washington Bridge Bus Station Redevelopment Project Reserved Premises New York, NY

Project Location:

4211 Broadway New York NY, 10033



Port Authority of New York & New Jersey



STV Incorporated


General Contractor:

A Tutor Perini Co.


Scope of Work

Kawneer Storefront System, Sentech Structural Glass Walls, Stainless Steel Pylons, Revolving Doors, Ticket Windows, Column Covers and Decorative Glass Panels.


Project Highlights:

  • Storefront System
    • AFI furnished and installed approximately 5,000 sqft of
  • Structural Glass Wall
    • AFI furnished and installed approximately 5,000 sqft of Sentech Architectural Structural Glass Wall System. 1-1/2” insulated glass units with custom frit as required for the exterior and 13/16 tempered laminated glass of the interior systems. 3 pairs and 2 single leafs of 3/4” clear tempered doors. Custom stainless steel base shoe cladding.
  • Stainless Steel Pylons
    • AFI furnished and installed 21 stainless steel pylon cladding units with 2 door portals with 1/4” clear tempered glass.
  • Revolving Doors
    • AFI Furnished 4 stainless steel International Revolving Doors systems with a 6” sightline and 4” center mullion. As well as a stainless-steel canopy.
  • Decorative Glass Panels
    • AFI furnished and installed 2,100 sqft of custom glass panels. Which included custom Bendheim glass with art work as called out, and a custom extruded interlocking panel system.
  • Stainless Steel Ticket Window
    • AFI furnished and installed 3 custom stainless steel ticket windows with 13/16” glass.
  • Stainless Steel Column Covers
    • AFI furnished fabricated and installed 8 non-directional stainless-steel column covers.
  • Glass
    • AFI furnished and installed 10 sqft of 1/4” tempered glass and Mirrors and fire rated glass
  • Automatic Door
    • AFI furnished 1 Stanley 300 Bi-part automatic door