GWBBS Pavilion Bus Level Entry New York, NY

Project Location: 

4211 Broadway, New York, NY 10033



NY & NJ Port Authority



AUUJA Partnership Architects


General Contractor:

Joseph M. Sanzari Inc..


Scope of Work

(3) Single Leaf Glass Doors, Removal and reinstallation of Sentech structural glass system, stainless steel cladding and hand rails


Project Highlights:

  • Removal & Reinstallation of Glass Panels
    • AFI removed (7) glass panels and reinstalled (2) of the existing panels and (5) new units to match design change. Including reinstallation of stainless-steel cladding 
  • Door Installation
    • AFI removed (2) existing glass doors and replaced them with new door units as well as installed (1) new glass door
  • Automatic Operator
    • AFI oversaw the installation of (1) Dorma Automatic Closer
  • Miscellaneous Cladding
    • AFI furnished, fabricated, and installed 58 lf 1Stainless Steel Cladding
  • Stainless Steel Railing
    • AFI furnished, fabricated, and installed (2) Stainless Steel hand rails with stainless steel Bollards